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An image of all the members of Aerosmith
The Aerosmith image modeled in a frame in a trendy office space.

Aerosmith Dark 16x20 Framed Vintage Print

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There’s only been a few rock bands who have truly managed to redefine a generation’s way of thinking of music. Aerosmith rises to the top of the pop culture heap with incredible musical ability and an interesting and fascinating interpretation of the rock and roll culture. 

This print encompasses that and so much more. 


  • Artistic black and white composition
  • All band members included
  • Demonstrates the unique style of the band
  • Displays the unique character of each member

Wanting to find a way to demonstrate your love for Aerosmith without plastering the album covers all over your house? This subtle, well-crafted print is a beautiful photograph of the band and it captures each person’s personality. 


  • Full color image
  • High-quality paper