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A print of all the Black Sabbath members sitting around a fountain in a plaza.
An image of the Black Sabbath print modeled in a stylish room.

Black Sabbath 16x20 Framed Vintage Print

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It’s hard to find Black Sabbath merchandise that doesn’t directly say in the band’s logo that it’s about Black Sabbath. For some fans, that can be annoying, as those are hard to decorate with and they’re overtly obvious. However, this print provides a subtle look into the lifestyle of the band and their character.


  • Stylish black and white photo
  • Provides a glimpse of the time period
  • Pictures the band in their prime
  • Uncovers the culture of the band outside of the music

If you’re looking for a way to immortalize Black Sabbath in a way that doesn’t directly point to the product of their music but the effect they had on the culture of rock and roll, this is the piece for you. It provides an under-stated, attractive looking glimpse into the real life style and time period that the band started in. It draws a stark contrast between what the band was and what it became. It’s the perfect for any rock and roll lover. 


  • Tasteful black and white image
  • High-quality paper