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A print of a band photo for Black Sabbath
The Black Sabbath print modeled over a plush couch.

Black Sabbath Standing 16x20 Framed Vintage Print

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Black Sabbath has been a rock-and-roll staple for some time now. Their unique take on the genre has survived and been passed down from generation to generation and they’re one of the most recognizable names in pop culture because of it. But how does a fan stay unique in their appreciation for the band?


  • All four band members
  • Dressed casually 
  • Immortalizes the band in its prime

This artistic representation of the band shows each member’s personality as well as the group’s personality. It’s tasteful and, unless you knew what you were looking at, you wouldn’t really know it’s Black Sabbath. The appreciation of this photo is only for those who really know the band and that makes it more unique and enjoyable. It’s the perfect, low-key way to display your admiration for a band that changed so much in a genre. 


  • Tasteful black and white image
  • High-quality paper