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A collage of Elvis performing and winking at the viewer.

Elvis Wink Collage

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Elvis has, and always will be more than just an icon. He’s a pillar of the American pop culture and one of the first truly awesome adapters and creators of rock-and-roll style. He was talented, skilled, and an excellent showman. There’s no better way to show off your love for Elvis than with an extremely tasteful print.


  • Frame-style collage
  • Iconic outfits
  • Iconic moments of his life
  • Immortalizes his excellent showmanship

While some Elvis memorabilia can run toward the cheesy side, this black and white piece offers a classic, beautiful representation of his life and accomplishments. The collage manages to capture key moments of his life as well as the talent that made him so popular throughout his career. It’s the perfect representation of the King. 


  • Tasteful black and white image
  • High-quality paper