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Marilyn Monroe iconic images collage

Marilyn Monroe Collage

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Marilyn Monroe is a classic beauty. She was full of grace and kindness and sported stunning doll-like features that still enchant to this day. As an Old Hollywood icon, she’s the perfect example of the glamour, glitz and privilege that surrounded the age. Her portrait was snapped many times, and all of them are worth a look. 


  • Features most iconic Marilyn images
  • Includes Marilyn’s signature

As a Hollywood tragedy, Marilyn has endured the years that have passed after her death as a classic beauty and a joy to behold. Her image has always been a mark of good taste and now, you can enjoy a collage of her most stunning pictures to highlight her beauty and grace. The print completely captures the essence of the bygone star. 


  • High-quality paper
  • Black and white print