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A print that features various important moments of Ali's life in the background.

Ali Filmstrip

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If you’re looking for a way to immortalize the iconic and incredible Ali in your home, this classic film collage offers a great way to do so. With valuable glimpses of the past, mixed with the imposing form of this Civil Rights hero, you’ll always be able to remember the greatness of Ali.


  • Displays key moments of Ali history
  • Features famous candid shots 
  • Exceptional design 

This print offers a glimpse of Ali’s life, a glimpse of his career, as well as his successes. It effectively makes him into the modern day American hero that he is. It casts Ali as a monument to the incredible success story that inspired and defined a generation and provided motivation for millions. This print is the perfect way to represent a hero in your household. 


  • Full color image
  • High-quality paper