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A collage of Jimi Hendrix performing on stage.

Jimi Hendrix Collage

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Jimi Hendrix’s work moved generations. It inspired people and gave them a love of music that, without Jimi, would never have been. He’s a figure that stands tall in the American pop culture sphere, so it’s only natural that so many people have been affected by his music and his genius. For anyone that loves a little Hendrix, this is the perfect piece. 


  • Multiple frames with different filters
  • Iconic photography
  • Pleasing to the eye composition. 

Ready to spice up your living space with a bit of personality? You won’t do better than a Jimi Hendrix print. This piece manages to immortalize his famous showmanship, his passion for his art and his overall style. It’s the perfect signal to your guests that this is a Hendrix house. 


  • Full color image
  • High-quality paper