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Led Zeppelin band hanging from a window
Led Zeppelin print modeled on a grey wall

Led Zeppelin Window Photoshoot

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Throughout their history as a band Led Zeppelin has been the center stage for loads of iconic imagery. However, they all pale in comparison to this stunning photoshoot where they leaned out a cottage window together. Few photos have been able to capture the essence of the band in such detail, which is what makes this print such a great piece of decor. 


  • Perfect for Led Zeppelin fans
  • Great for Rock music fans
  • Features the four band members
  • Is indicative of the era

If you love rock music, you have to at least appreciate the role Led Zeppelin played in making rock and roll what it is today. Like all bands, they’ve had their fair share of promotional materials made. But this image manages to capture the character of the time they lived in and the nature of the band. It’s a perfect piece of history for any rock music collector. 


  • High-quality paper
  • Black and white
  • Originally used as promotional media.