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Marilyn Monroe relaxes against a car door wearing a red gown.

Marilyn Signature

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Marilyn Monroe is an icon for the ages. Her style, looks and demeanor have been encapsulated and celebrated for years. She’s a representation of old Hollywood glamour and everything that was great in the 1950s. And, her image makes for stunning decor in this Marilyn Monroe print that features her signature. 


  • Signature in bright pink
  • Marilyn is surrounded by a blue sky
  • Marily is wearing an iconic gown

If you have an appreciation for the older,  more refined side of American history, you’ll love this stunning print. The photograph depicts Marilyn relaxing in a classic 1950s vehicle with a one shouldered crimson gown on. It’s the perfect statement about how things used to be in the fairytale old Hollywood culture. Hang it in your den, entryway, or anywhere around your house to add class and character. 


  • Full color image
  • High-quality paper